09 December 2009

Some questions about HR

Q. Who does HR work for- the employees or the company?
A. The company for the most part. Not just because the company is the employer. That is obvious. Because HR is supposed to serve the needs of the company by aligning the activities of the employees with the company needs and goals.

Q. Should I enter HR because I like working with people?
A. No, in that case, retail sales may be your calling. HR work is a cycle- get em in, get em out. If you can't work at all points in the cycle, HR isn't for you.

Q. What skills should an HR manager have?
A. Analytical skills, Problem solving skills, get-it-done skills, negotiation skills, ability to work under pressure, a sense of humor, loads of EQ, a heap of IQ, resilience, knowledge of the local law

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